Welcome to Your Vote
Lothian Valuation Joint Board

Lothian Valuation Joint Board

Welcome to Your Vote – Video (Arabic with English subtitles)

On 20 February 2020 the Scottish Elections (Franchise & Representation) Bill was passed. This extended the right to vote at Scottish Parliament and Scottish local government elections to all foreign nationals with leave to enter or remain, including all those granted refugee status. Additionally, it also extends candidacy rights to foreign nationals with indefinite leave to remain, and to those with pre-settled status.

The extension of the franchise to include all foreign nationals with leave to enter or remain (or those who do not need such permission), resident in Scotland and over the age of 16, came into effect on 3 August 2020.

With the Scottish Parliament Elections taking place on Thursday 6th May 2021, Lothian Valuation Joint Board have worked in partnership with ReAct, Syrian Futures and Media Education to produce the video below. The video is spoken in Arabic and looks at who is eligible to vote, how you register, which elections you can vote in and how to cast your vote at election time.

Closing dates for the Scottish Parliament Election on Thursday 6 May 2021 are as follows: –

  • Registration Application – Midnight on Monday 19 April
  • Postal Vote Application – 5pm on Tuesday 6 April
  • Proxy Vote Application – 5pm on Tuesday 27 April

If you require any further information about registering to vote or applying for an absent vote (postal or proxy) for this election pleaseĀ contact our office.