Absent Voting

Absent Voting - Voting by Post or Proxy

You can apply to vote by post or proxy, if you can’t attend your allocated polling place to vote on the day of an election or referendum.

How to apply . . .

  • To vote by post

    Applying for a postal vote is simple, you can request a postal vote just because you want to, no reason needs to be given. Your ballot paper(s) will be sent to you by post, prior to an election or referendum.

    Note that the Ballot Paper(s) will not be issued immediately on receipt of your application and may be sent to you less than a week before an event.

  • To vote by proxy

    You can appoint someone you trust to cast your vote for you, either in person at your allocated polling place, or by post if they apply for a postal vote to vote on your behalf.

    A proxy appointment can be made:-

    • on the grounds of incapacity, work reasons or educational absence; or

    • on a one-off basis for a particular election if you are unable to attend your polling station (e.g. away on holiday on the day of the election).

You can download a copy of absent voting application forms HERE

Additional information on voting by post and by proxy via the Electoral Commission website:-

                          Voting By Post

                          Voting By Proxy


Register online

via www.gov.uk - National Insurance No. may be required.

Electoral Forms

Download Postal Vote or Proxy application forms