The Valuation Roll

2017 Revaluation

Assessors are responsible for revaluing all non-domestic subjects usually every five years. The last revaluation was on 1 April 2017. The values that are set then would normally remain the same unless the entry has been altered or other changes are made. The next revaluation is due on 1 April 2022 when it is expected that Revaluations will occur more frequently.

There is a legal definition of a Rateable Value (RV), however broadly speaking, it represents an estimate of the annual rental value of a subject at a given point in time which is known as the tone date.

More information about rateable values can be found on the Scottish Assessors’ Association website 

Information can be provided on-line using the Scottish Assessors portal website.  If necessary a member of my team will contact you to arrange to see your property.

Your local council uses the Rateable Value (RV) to calculate your rates bill. The Rateable Value is multiplied by the National Business Rate which is set by the Scottish Government on a yearly basis. If you have any questions regarding payments and the various relief schemes please contact your local council.

Following the Revaluation a formal Valuation Notice was sent to all interested parties shown in the Valuation Roll.  The Notice contained the information that appears on Valuation Roll and details of how to appeal.

After the Revaluation the law directs the Assessor to issue a Valuation Notice to interested parties every time a change is made to the Valuation Roll and details of how to appeal.

Link to SAA Website

SAA Website

You can notify the Assessor of any name changes or physical changes to your property, via the Scottish Assessors Association Website.