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Working at Lothian Valuation Joint Board

General Information – 

  • Lothian Valuation Joint Board is a public body established in 1996 to provide valuation services to four Councils; City of Edinburgh, East Lothian, West Lothian and Midlothian.
  • The Board is responsible for compiling and maintaining two documents:-

A Valuation Roll for every non-domestic property situated within the Authority.  Non domestic rates are calculated and charged from the information contained in the Valuation Roll.

A Council Tax Valuation List which includes an entry for every Dwelling (house), and this information forms the basis of the calculation for Council Tax Liability.

  • Together the Valuation Roll and the Council Tax Valuation List contain an entry for every property within the Authority. Assessors have traditionally also been appointed as Electoral Registration Officers as their detailed knowledge of each property enables them to identify where potential electors are living.
  • Lothian Valuation Joint Board is split into three sections covered by three geographical areas in Lothian; East, West and Central. They are usually referred to as Divisions but within these Divisions staff are split into administrative and technical areas.  The technical staff carry out all valuation work in relation to Council Tax and the valuation of commercial subjects.  The administrative staff deal with the associated work which is required for the production of the Valuation Roll and Council Tax List. In addition, they carry out work in relation to the compilation of the Electoral Register more commonly known as the Voters Roll.  There are also specialist areas in the office such as Support, Human Resources, Office Services and Finance.
  • The Joint Board staff are situated at 17A South Gyle Crescent, Edinburgh, EH12 9FL.
  • More information about Lothian Valuation Joint Board is available on this website.

Lothian Valuation Joint Board’s mission is to ensure best value and provide professional valuation and electoral registration services for all its stakeholders.

Our vision is to provide valuation and electoral registration services in accordance with statute at levels of excellence which exceed expectations.

  1. To ensure timeous publication and maintenance of the Valuation Roll.
  2. To ensure timeous publication and maintenance of the Council Tax List.
  3. To ensure timeous publication and maintenance of the Electoral Register and registration services at elections.
  4. To develop, prepare and publish reports to improve customer knowledge and ensure attainment of good Community Focus.
  5. To set standards and undertake corporate improvement in Service Delivery Arrangements and review the performance management and planning framework to ensure continuous improvement.
  6. To deliver changes and improvements identified under the Transformation Programme and through the ongoing process of Structure and Process
  7. To review, monitor and maintain organisational Risk Management and Internal Controls to ensure efficient and effective delivery of service.
  8. To develop, adopt and review formal documentation and systems to ensure Standards of Conduct are adhered to.
  9. To plan and deliver an organisational development strategy considering corporate initiatives to ensure efficiency and quality of service delivery.
  10. To engage in key partnership working to ensure the integrated delivery of efficient government.
  11. To review and develop the necessary policies to support the Health, Safety and Welfare of all LVJB employees.

Employee Benefits –

Lothian Valuation Joint Board operates a generous final salary pension scheme which is contributed to by both the employer and employee.  Contribution rates can be found here – Lothian Pension Fund.


  • Additional option of early retirement from age of 60
  • Flexible retirement benefits
  • Ill health retirement benefits
  • Life cover of 3 times your salary if you die in service

For further information visit

A number of generous policies exist to assist with work / life balance including Homeworking Policy, Flexible Working Policy, Parental Leave (including Maternity, Paternity and Adoption leave), Career Break Leave and Special Leave (including leave for the care of dependants).

Service at start of leave year


Less than 5 years *


5 – 10 years *


More than 10 years **


*Continuous local authority service

**Continuous service with Lothian Valuation Joint Board or its predecessors


Allowance to full pay

Allowance to half pay

Less than 26 weeks



More than 26 weeks but less than 1 year

5 weeks

5 weeks

More than 1 year but less than 2 years

9 weeks

9 weeks

More than 2 years but less than 3 years

18 weeks

18 weeks

More than 3 years but less than 5 years

22 weeks

22 weeks

5 years and more

26 weeks

26 weeks

This Scheme provides an advance of salary or pay for the purpose of purchasing and insuring an annual public transport season ticket for travel to and from work.

LVJB is committed to supporting staff members to grow, evolve and develop in their roles.  HR and the Training Framework Group work closely with line managers and staff members to provide a wide range of training and development opportunities for all staff.  Opportunities available include a combination of job specific skills and soft skills.

A number of e-learning modules are mandatory to upskill staff members on essential matters such as GDPR, cybercrime and email security.

LVJB generously supports and enables the progress of Trainees alongside a number of ambitious, dedicated and clear career pathways to promotion in numerous roles.  This normally includes provision of funding for staff to obtain related qualifications at higher education level and accreditation with the RICS.

LVJB are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all staff and visitors.  We expect all staff to:

  • Take care of yourself and others around you.
  • Comply with LVJB health and safety policies and procedures.
  • Report any hazards or suspicious activities.
  • Report all accidents/incidents you become aware of using documented procedures.

If you have any additional needs that you feel we should be aware of, please advise the HR Manager to ensure appropriate arrangements can be put in place for your safety and wellbeing.

All LVJB staff members are provided with access to a private confidential professional counselling service via our Employee Assistance Programme (PAM Assist).  This service is administered through People Asset Management and includes a wide range of support including self-help resources.

All LVJB staff members are provided with access to a private confidential professional counselling service via our Employee Assistance Programme (PAM Assist).  This service is administered through People Asset Management and includes a wide range of support including self-help resources.

Service of 25 years is recognised with a gift voucher.

Salaries are paid on the third last working day prior to the end of the month.

In order to achieve our strategic aims, we LVJB is committed to a framework to continually review and provide feedback on staff performance alongside capturing training and development needs to enable and support staff to develop in their roles and fulfil their work aspirations.

On the ground floor there is a social space provided with tables and chairs and soft seating for break times and lunch times.  There are kitchen facilities on each floor of the building, which provides both hot and cold water dispensers, sinks, fridges, microwaves and kitchen cupboard storage.

Staff should bring in their own mug/glass/water bottle.  Staff should also bring their own tea/coffee/milk/sugar and food can be stored in fridges labelled with their name.

Each workstation is equipped with a desk, drawers, a chair, two screens and a phone. Staff are also provided with a laptop for use in the office and when working from home.

Additional IT kit and ergonomic equipment is provided to staff as and when required.

Staff are welcome to personalise their workspace as long as is does not compromise or interfere with health and safety standards.

A clear desk policy is in operation and therefore no sensitive or personal information should be left out at the end of the working day.

All employees who have an element of lone working in their role are provided with a lone worker safety device with a range of functionality to proactively protect their health, safety and wellbeing.  Further information is provided as part of induction.

Further Useful Information –

You have the right to join a trade union and to take part in its activities.  Details of the specified trade unions on the appropriate negotiating body are available for you at

The office building is well served by public transport.

  • Lothian Buses: Number 22 provides a frequent bus service and 400 airport bus.
  • Tram stops are at Bankhead and Edinburgh Park Station and is approximately 10 and 15 minutes walk respectively to the office.
  • Scotrail: Edinburgh Park station is approximately 10 minutes walk and South Gyle station is approximately 15 minutes walk from the office building.  Further information and timetables may be found here.

Cycle – bike stands are available next to the front entrance of the building.  There is visible signage around security measures to deter theft of bicycles.

The office is served by a limited number of showering facilities.

Storage space is provided to allow storage of exercise clothing and space to allow wet clothes to dry during the day.

There are a limited number of lockers available for staff.  Keys can be requested from the Business Support Team.

The office building is served by a car park and there is also offsite parking in the immediate vicinity.

Access to the car park is via Marnin Way

There is a Greggs bakery very close to the office, along with The Physiotherapy Clinic and a children’s play café.

LVJB does not operate a formal dress code, however, staff generally follow a smart / casual approach.

LVJB has a Data Protection Policy and Privacy Notices, which are available here

LVJB premises are no smoking zones and smoking is prohibited.

Expenses incurred by staff in the course of their duties will be refunded through the payroll on submission of a staff expenses form.

Full details of terms and conditions of employment will be provided to you within your Statement of Particulars.