Electoral Registration

Electoral Registration

The Register of Electors (Voters’ Roll) is a list of addresses showing the names of those who are qualified to vote at various types of elections and referendums.

The Register is updated and re-published annually (usually on 1 December) following a canvass of all households. After publication, the register is updated on a monthly basis, January – September. There are no updates to the register in the two months prior to re-publication.

The law requires the Electoral Registration Officer to publish two versions of the register:

  • The electoral register and
  • The open register

Further information is available here

If you are not already registered to vote or need to update your information (eg. because of a change of address or change of name) you can apply to register to vote at any time by visiting www.gov.uk/register-to-vote  and following the instructions provided. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete an application but you will need your national insurance number and date of birth to complete it.

Alternatively you can telephone (0131) 344 2500 and a member of our Customer Support Team will assist you.

If preferred, a registration form can be sent to you or you can download one from this website.

The main criteria be registered to vote are:-


The application should be for the address at which you currently reside, that being your usual and permanent place of residence and not a temporary residence such as a holiday home or second home.


In Scotland, you can register to vote when you are 14. You can vote in local and Scottish Parliamentary election when you are 16. The voting age for UK Parliamentary (Westminster) elections is 18.


Persons eligible to be registered are:

  • British Citizens
  • Commonwealth Citizens who have leave to remain in the UK or who do not require such leave
  • Citizens of The Republic Of Ireland

(The citizens listed above have, subject to any other statutory restriction, full voting rights at all types of elections and referendums).

  • Citizens of Other European Union Countries

These citizens are entitled to vote at Scottish Parliamentary and Local Government Elections only, although they may be included in National Referendums depending on the relevant franchise restrictions for the event.

EU citizens are not eligible to vote in UK Parliamentary Elections.

Further information is available on the Electoral Commission website.

Click on the following links to the Electoral Commission website for information regarding registration and voting for –

Copies of registration forms for the above categories are available from our downloads section.


Each year the Electoral Registration Officer is required to conduct a canvass of all households in his area for the purpose of updating the electoral register.

Household Enquiry Forms are issued to all households to request this information. The canvass usually takes place between July and November and the information provided is used to update the register which is then published on 1 December.

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Electoral Register Display Locations

The current Electoral Register is available for public inspection at local libraries – click on the links to the relevant Council website below, for locations and opening hours.