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Lothian Valuation Joint Board

Lothian Valuation Joint Board

LVJB PODCAST – Revaluation 2023

At LVJB, we have launched a series of podcasts as we look to share more information about the different functions of our organisation. 

Episode 1: Revaluation 2023 – Valuation Notice and Rateable Values

In this episode, our Assistant Assessor Rory Mackenzie chats with Engagement Manager Chris Beaton as they provide an overview of the 2023 Revaluation of non-domestic properties which took effect on 1st April 2023, and answer some of the most frequently asked questions arising from it.

Rory explains why you have received a valuation notice, who they have been issued to and what these new rateable values actually represent.

He also tells us how the valuation roll is publicly available, at, and provides some background as to the range of information regarding non-domestic properties which is available there.

Finally, there is a discussion around the difference between your rateable value and the amount you actually pay in rates along with some useful links to how you obtain information in regard to the small business bonus scheme and the changes to business rates relief thresholds.

Episode 2: Revaluation 2023 – Valuation Details and How to Appeal

In the second podcast in the series, Rory and Chris discuss why your Rateable Value may have changed since the last Revaluation and how a simple comparison between the rateable value in the previous valuation roll and the new one is rarely a helpful exercise.

You will hear an explanation as to how you can arrange for Valuation Roll names details for the proprietor, tenant or occupier to be updated by going online at the SAA website, where you can also see how your property is valued, get advice on the process of Revaluation, see Net Annual Values applicable to all subjects in Scotland and obtain summary valuations showing the basic calculations for standard retail, office and industrial properties.

Finally, Rory and Chris give us some information on how to lodge a proposal against the Rateable Value if you don’t agree with it, subject to the relevant legislation.