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Lothian Valuation Joint Board

Lothian Valuation Joint Board

Polling Station Finder

The Democracy Club have created a polling station finder for the local council elections on Thursday 5 May. Information is available for registered electors in the the City of Edinburgh, East Lothian, Midlothian and West Lothian council areas.

Find my polling station

The polling station finder tool is available via the Democracy Club’s website here.

You Need To be registered in order to vote

It only takes 5 minutes to register to vote. You can register online at gov.uk/register-to-vote. You don’t need to register again if you’ve already registered at your current address.

The deadline to register in time for these elections is at midnight on Monday 18 April 2022.

If you want to check your voter registration information contact our office by: –

  • Phone – 0131 344 2500; or
  • Email – enquiries@lothian-vjb.gov.uk

Who can you vote for?

You can find information on the candidates in your area at whocanivotefor.co.uk.

This tool lists all the candidates standing in your ward and the party they are standing for.

You can also view candidates contact details, social media information and the location of any hustings events they are attending on this website.

The Voting system

In this election you will be voting using numbers. Place a 1 in the box beside your first choice, 2 for your second choice and so on. You can vote for as many or as few candidates as you wish.

This voting system is called the Single Transferrable Vote (STV). A short video, made by the Electoral Commission, explaining how this system works is available here.

For more information on how to register to vote or on voting by post/proxy visit our website at lothian-vjb.gov.uk/electoral.